5 Must Have Best Guitar Books for every Guitarist

5 Must Have Best Guitar Books Top Acoustic Electric_1


5 Must Have Best Guitar Books for every Guitarist

Many people aspire for guitar learning dream but only handful of them changes it into reality. Learning from a qualified guitar mentor is one aspect of your directional guitar learning but having the comprehensive guitar content is also very much equally important. In many cases, when there are not good guitar teachers then recommended music books play a sole important role in improving your guitar techniques  & concepts understanding.

Have you ever thought why most guitar players fail to be experts?; because they don’t have a sound understanding on the principles of Guitar. It’s not indeed hard work alone that takes your guitar learning forward but knowledge of its diversified concepts i.e. the facts, logics that run behind every guitar moment.

India’s top guitarist Kapil Srivastava has authored 5 technical guitar books (recommended for both acoustic and electric guitar) which shaped and built many beginners / students, guitarists and teacher’s career. These guitar books are rated among the best technical guitar development content of all times.

Rudiments of Guitar

Mastery to Guitar Scales (Vol. I)

Guitar Arpeggios Exercises Book – Level – I, II, III

Guitar Book – Art of Tremolo Picking

Mastery to Guitar Scales (Vol. 2)

The above 5 guitar books bind most rudimentary concepts, terms of guitar. Every guitarist must know all these universal laws, perspective, tricks and formulas that make your guitar simple and easy to understand. This is my reason to bring out these books. From the very basics of concepts as guitar scales development, octaves, chords, music fundamentals, tremolo picking style, arpeggios etc, it will teach you even the principles of applying chords behind any leads.

  • It empowers teachers, students, performers across globe and helps them in their professional and academic growth
  • It also helps schools, institutions with repertoire for performances, libraries for their students
  • It provides accurate resources for practicing and professional musicians
  • Hello, I stay at a small town in Madhya Pradesh, I couldn’t find efficient guitar teachers nearby. I ordered Kapil Sir’s Guitar Books and I am happy to tell you that it really helped me to understand technical guitar concepts..                 ….Chirrag (Working Professional)
  • Hi, I am from Delhi. I have learnt from several guitar teachers in my musical life. I always had a feeling that I know guitar at a very good extent as I can play some scales, some songs and I played several times at my office too etc). After availing these books, I realized that i was wrong, what I did was only mugging, there was yet to learn a lot. I got the complete 360degree view, conceptual knowledge about various areas & concepts I missed and never thought off….Nitin (IT Professional)
  • Hi, I am from Pune. I was looking for a tremolo guitar style understanding. I got to see Kapil Srivastava Ji’s Book. Can’t believe that somebody can teach tremolo picking style guitar this way. Awesome Tremolo Concept Book & Amazing Kapil…..(Amit, Guitar Teacher)