Mastery to Guitar Scales (Vol. 2)


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Mastery to Guitar Scales Book (Vol. 2)

Total Pages – 60

(Including Tabs, Staff Notation, All the 12 Major Scales Positions in both 1 & 2 octaves with Practice Chart & much more…).

Every guitarist who aspires to be advanced guitarist must have this book.

If you can’t play all 6 strings smoothly as per scale routes, it will be difficult for the guitarists to perform good leads on guitar. These guitar scales practice s one of the key methods to perform songs beyond the 2 octaves range while covering all the 6 guitar strings.

In case of live performance, all those guitarists who pick up heavy lead repertoire that requires frequent changes of scales, positions, octaves as well as multiple pitch song; this foundation building workout will make them fluent to shift between any scale and adjust to any position on guitar fret-board.

It is also a left and right hand synchronised workout covering all the 12 Scale positions (in 1 & 2 octaves) presented in order / chart of Circle of Fifths.

The book is presented in both Staff Notation as well as Tablature. Important finger numbers are also pointed along with work-sheet. Authored by Kapil Srivastava

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