Mouthorgan Harmonica


Language : English


Mouthorgan Harmonica Book

Pages: 23 | Publisher: Abysm Books

With Free Audio CD

About The Book:

MouthOrgan / Harmonica is one of the easiest music instruments to play in the world not because of its small size but because of its easier tone rendering in comparison to other instruments as guitar, sitar, violin, drums etc. The instrument can be learnt even by children of 3 years age group. This book is step-by-step mastery towards how to play/learn MouthOrgan/Harmonica.

Special features of the Mouthorgan Harmonica book:

Familiarizes the readers with music terminologies, Exercises for extensive practice, Step-by-step approach to practice and learning, Notations and tablature of compositions, An audio-CD contains compositions on popular music melodies of the book.


This book will enlighten you with lots of concepts about Mouth Organ ranging from topics as: About Mouth-Organ, How it works,Anatomy of Mouth-Organ, Playing Posture, Tips & Techniques, and Exercises etc.

Compositions :

  • Ten Little Indians,
  • Hush Little Baby,
  • Aura – Lee,
  • Twinkle – Twinkle,
  • Indian National Anthem,
  • Skip to my Lou,
  • Wooden Heart,
  • Lightly Row,
  • Polly-wolly Doodle,
  • Brother John Sing & Play,
  • Happy B’day,
  • Jingle Bells.

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