Rudiments of Guitar


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Rudiments of Guitar Book

Total Pages   – 160
Graphic Illustrations – 200+
(Including Practice Charts, A complete Fret-board perspective and all scales & chords vocabulary & much more…)

☝️Most guitar students keep paying for months and don’t reach anywhere. 

Sheetal paid Rs. 2000 per month for 2 years (Rs. 48000) but couldn’t lead even few basic tunes in guitar. The worst is not money-loss but the negative learning she got.

Not every location has professional quality teachers. That’s why student and teacher must know, curriculum, subjects, topics and the right definition in advance. If you are already learning, make sure you are learning rightly, in right format and not missing essentials.

Rudiments of Guitar book has helped hundreds of teachers, institutions besides thousands of students to save their time, energy and money.

🎸It helped Guitar Teacher Arjun from Mandsaur to use this book and concepts in teaching.

🎸Abhilash runs his music institute in Delhi, take help of this book in guiding his students and the list is on.

If you also want to understand guitar grammar correctly and save thousands of rupees and time, get your RUDIMENTS OF GUITAR copy right now. This is your lifetime reference copy.

This is your lifetime reference guitar treasure.

1000s of Guitar Teachers, Academies & Students use Rudiments of Guitar Book. 

R u Doing Guitar the Right Way?

Why most guitar players fail to be experts because they don’t have a sound understanding on the principles of Guitar. It’s not indeed hard work alone that takes your guitar learning forward but it also knowledge of its diversified concepts i.e. the facts, logic that run behind every guitar moment. This book binds most rudimentary concepts, terms of guitar. Every guitarist must know all these universal laws, perspective, tricks and formulas that make your guitar simple and easy to understand. This is my reason to bring out this book as ‘Rudiments of Guitar’. From the very basics of guitar concepts as scales, octaves, chords and music fundamentals, it will also teach you even the principles of applying chords behind any leads.

Why most guitar students fail to expand their guitar further?

In my journey of learning & teaching guitar for almost 2 decades now, I came across several issues, obstacles that I found as the common problems of every guitar learner. These issues if remain unanswered; becomes the major building block towards improvisations and reaching to higher levels of learning.  The non-systematic approach is one of the root causes of lack of skills, lack of vision and inadequate growth of a guitar learner despite giving best efforts, time and money to the subject.

–          Kapil Srivastava (Author, Guitarist & Mentor)

🎸 Universally applied guitar formulas !
🎸 A knowledge bank for every guitarist !
🎸 Bridge that you need to cross from a student to an expert !

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🎸 A perfect guide for beginners if you really have to understand guitar grammar & know how to play / learn guitar… (NEHA)

🎸 It helped me to understand guitar basics correctly and completely… (SAURABH JAIN)

🎸 I teach guitar in a much better manner after this book. Awesome Guitar concepts book & amazing Kapil…. (ATUL GUPTA)