Sheet Music – Raga Shree (राग श्री)



Language : English

Staff Notations : Yes

Tablature/Tabs : Yes

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Sheet Music – Raga Shree (राग श्री)

Publisher: Abysm Books

Ragas Sheet Music represents music notations written in 2 formats primarily:

  1. Staff Notations
  2. Tablature Notations (aka Tabs)

Learn How to play & Who is this sheet music for ?

Most noteworthy part is that this Sheet Music / transcription / Notation / Notes book is for both students / learners, teachers, musicians / artists who wants to play / master Raga Shree (राग श्री) on Guitar / Keyboard / Piano or on any relative instrument in a precise, better and accurate manner.

About the Raga Shree (राग श्री)

Raga Shree is a very old North Indian raga of the Purvi thaat, and has traditionally been associated with Lord Shiva. It also appears in the Sikh tradition from northern India, and is a part of the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy text of the Sikhs. The Guru Granth Sahib composition comprises 31 ragas where Shree is also the first raga to appear. Moreover, the raga appears on 80 pages of the composition, from page 14 to 94. Raag Shree is associated with after sunset.

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