Sheet Music – Raga Tilang (राग तिलंग)



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Staff Notations : Yes

Tablature/Tabs : Yes

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Dadra Taal, Rupak Taal, Keherwa Taal, Jhaptaal, Ektal, Teen Taal

Sheet Music – Raga Tilang (राग तिलंग)

Publisher: Abysm Books

Ragas Sheet Music represents notations written in 2 formats primarily:

  1. Staff Notations
  2. Tablature Notations (aka Tabs)

Learn How to play & Who is this sheet music for ?

Most noteworthy part is that this Sheet Music / transcription / Notation / Notes book is for both students / learners, teachers, musicians / artists who wants to play / master Raga Tilang (राग तिलंग) on Guitar / Keyboard / Piano or on any relative instrument in a precise, better and accurate manner.

About the Raga Tilang (राग तिलंग)

Tilang is an Indian classical music, that belongs to the Khamaj Thaat. This Raag is originated in Hindustani music and has also been taken into Carnatic music. Moreover, It is derived from the 28th Melakarta (parent scale) Harikambhoji. It is also an audava raga (pentatonic asymmetrical scale).

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