The Fives of Guitar


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The Fives of Guitar

Total Pages – 30

Informative Articles & Tips

Author - Kapil Srivastava

Publisher - Abysm Books


It is very easy to randomly start guitar but it is extremely challenging to figure out what is the right process or way to succeed in it.

The Fives of Guitar book gives experienced perspective by one of India’s top Guitarists Mr Kapil Srivastava as on What we should know before getting into the world of guitar music? What are the dos and don’ts, what are the rights and the wrong etc in the form of various informative articles. It gives 360 degree holistic, widened and enlightened approach on the instrument.


  • 5 Reasons to play Guitar or any music instrument
  • 5 Reasons that make guitar the world’s most popular instrument
  • 5 Good Benefits to be a guitarist
  • 5 great facts about learning music
  • 5 obstacles faced by a guitar learner
  • Why practice on metronome?
  • Best time for kids to start learning guitar
  • 5 most amazing Guitar techniques
  • Importance of Guitar Scales
  • How much to practice in Guitar?


The Fives of Guitar (also sometimes written as 5, 5s, or Five) book is meant and must have for every guitarist, guitar teacher, student or artist associated with guitar music. Be it acoustic or electric guitar instrument player. Be it beginner or intermediate or even advanced level guitarust.

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