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AbysmBooks.com is India’s first dedicated sheet music , books & specialised courses store. A unique publication start-up that provides music notations towards the welfare of music students, teachers & artists’ fraternity. AbysmBooks.com is owned by Abysm Research and Solutions LLP.

We are a platform to help and instruct students about different Indian genres via sheet music, technical music books and music lessons. All other songs (except Bollywood) as re-arranged versions of songs available in public domain and songs we own copyright of, are provided as Sheet Music. Bollywood Songs gets provided as a video recorded lesson by our instructor.

The aforesaid policy is applicable across all the offers/products/services available at www.abysmbooks.com, irrespective of those particular offers expressing them as otherwise.

So, you are free to buy Ragas (on Guitar), Technical Books & Public Domain Sheet Music.

For any specific Bollywood songs learning/study requirement, you can click here at https://bit.ly/reachgm or WhatsApp us at +91 9899755985.

With customers from more than 300 cities in  just 2 years makes it one of the fastest growing publications. It is supported by Guitarmonk both technically as well as with inquiries, making it India’s first professional resource of sheet music for concerts, teaching and learning purposes. It is applicable on all instruments besides tabulature notations for guitarists.

AbysmBooks.com not only focuses on music curriculum, music books and sheet music but also venturing into more research works as well as other subjects’ areas.

With its USP in music transcriptions, its mission is to empower, equip and support music learners, educators and performers in their musical journey. Whether you are looking for technical music books, sheet music notes (guitar, piano etc) of ragas on guitar, public domain songs or even video lesson by our instructor on specified Bollywood song etc then this is the right place for you.

  • Your lifetime property/asset
  • Getting independent by being accurate and technically strong
  • Getting more professional as a teacher with organised content for all your future classes/development
  • Get professional repertoire for your performance purposes
  • Customised video course/lesson, sheet music on demand
  • Audio facility for select music transcriptions and books
  • Get discount with your ARN (Abysm Relationship Number) 

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