Mastery to Guitar Scales (Vol. I)


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Mastery to Guitar Scales (Vol. 1) Book

Total Pages – 60

(Including Tabs, Staff Notation, 50 Scales Positions with Practice Chart & much more…).

Who is it for?

50 scale-route sessions is a foundation for every beginner and they will take a good time months of regular practice to play all scales. This session and book will take you easily from intermediate to advanced level. Advanced Guitarist must practice all 50 routes practice so that they look professional and can have a good command in leads and comfort in rendering lead pieces/tunes easily.

Mastery to Guitar Scales Book (From the Author)

My reason to bring this book is to offer a great practice routine, exercise to Guitar Learners. It allows you to work on 50 independent open string scale sequences in both ascending and descending, where you encounter a different route, fingering and selection of open string notes while you ascend chromatically.

“It’s all about approach to your guitar, this type of scales workout is a professional approach to master scales and it’s the fact that differentiates between academic guitar schools students (beginners to advance) vs. professional guitarist. Most Guitar Universities limits the scope of guitar playing to mere position knowledge as singularly. And that’s why you don’t see students going much ahead despite they have got all academic knowledge. It’s also a reason for importance/need of ‘Guru Shishya’ Tradition (one-o-one and in-person learning with teacher) to develop professional approach to your playing. Professional approach is more hardcore, concentrated.”

Mastery to Guitar Scales (I) Video Demo (50 Rounds Scale Sequence)

Above is a raw video of brief demonstration of scales practice by Kapil. He has played all open scales and taken 1st 20 rounds of scales (starting from open 6th string to 2nd string C open scale position) with every new fingering and routing in new scale. In this video demo, you will find Kapil taking a new fingering for next scale and using open notes rules.

Why Scales for every Guitarist?

Scales are like the ‘alphabet’ in the language of music, a group of notes which are sequenced in a pre-determined order. They are the parameter of understanding the melody technically. They are building blocks and foundation of your learning or teaching or playing a melody. They are the walking structure, road-map of your hand-movement.

“For me every music that I play, I see it standing on a scale, is coming from scales in the same way that everything in your spoken and written language comes from the alphabet – without the alphabet, we wouldn’t be able to form words, or sentences, or converse.”Kapil Srivastava

It’s via individual notes, we form chords, or chord progressions, or compositions. So if you can gain a firm understanding of your scales, then you will practically get the right foundation to grow your music to a good level.

Do you remember learning ABCD is the first thing of your school? Similarly learning scales is an importance aspect for every guitarist. The end part i.e. the song/melody/music takes birth from its alphabets only.

Reviews by Book Fans
  • This is a great mind-teaser and my daily guitar dose. And now I completely know that how to play / learn guitar scales end-to-end   – Priyanka (Guitarmonk CRP Student)
  • This music scales session (designed for guitar) also made me an advanced teacher and a better player
    Ved Sri (Guitar Teacher)
  • I thought I knew scales unless I started practising this master scales session. I found me a novice
    Nitin [TCS]
  • When the scales are mastered, playing songs is like a child play and I can also perform lead now for hours – (Gaurav, Guitar Teacher) 
  • And many more..

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