Sitar Raga Improvisations


Language : English


Sitar Raga Improvisations Book

Pages: 43 | Publishing Date: 2007

with Audio CD

Summary of the Sitar Raga Improvisations Book:

Sitar Raga Improvisations book is one of the most melodious and traditional instrument of India. The music played on Sitar takes an individual to an aesthetic dimension, perception and world of music through expression of Ragas.

Special features of the book:

Familiarizes the readers with music terminologies, Exercises for extensive practice, Step-by-step approach to practice and learning, Notations system & an Audio-CD containing compositions. Perfect lesson to how to play/learn sitar.

Contents of the Book:

This book will enlighten you with lots of concepts about Sitar ranging from topics as:

  • Swara-Saptak Concept,
  • Taal concept etc,
  • Notation System,
  • Sitar Introduction & it’s Tuning.
  • Playing Posture,
  • Tips & Techniques.
  • Exercises

Ragas & Compositions:

  • Yaman,
  • Shankara,
  • Bhupali,
  • Durga,
  • SudhSarang,
  • Desh,
  • Bihag,
  • Marubihag,
  • Bageshree,
  • Alhaiya Bilawal